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Bishop Magambo Counsellor and Training Institute



Bishop Magambo Counsellor Training Institute (BMCTI) was established in the year 2003. The
establishment was an answer to Uganda’s growing need for mental Health Care Services,
particularly counselling, and other related preventive interventions. BMCTI was established to
provide quality training of counsellors and to be a center of excellence for the promotion of
mental healthcare. Carefully mentored under the quality education standards of Uganda Martyrs
University, BMCTI has in such a short time gained national recognition for its quality of training
and good performance of her graduates.

In 2013 the Institute was merged with St. Joseph’s Technical Institute to constitute the Uganda
Martyrs Fort Portal Campus (UMUFPC). This new campus of Uganda Martyrs University is
focused on practical skills in technical/Engineering subjects, and mental healthcare skills.
Bishop Magambo Counsellor Training Institute runs the following academic programs:
1) Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, 2) Bachelor of Arts in Counselling Psychology, 3)
A Diploma in Counselling Psychology, 4) A Certificate in HIV/AIDS counselling and 5) A
Certificate in Child and Adolescent Counselling.


The vision of the Institute is to be a unique model institute for Uganda which through practice
and research will spearhead the integration of counselling into the national healthcare system.


The mission of the BMCTI is to train high-standard professional counsellors, equip informal
counsellors with the much-needed helping skills, and to promote mental health care through
direct clinical practice, and a variety of indirect psychosocial interventions.

Courses Offered at Bishop Magambo Counsellor Training Institute

All our programs employ a humanistic approach to counselling and a scientist – practitioner
model of training.


  • Psychosocial Research
  • Development Research

Psychosocial and Nutritional Support for the Elderly

Bishop Magambo Counselor Training Institute (BMCTI) is committed to improving the mental wellbeing of the elderly in Fort Portal-western Uganda under the psychosocial and nutritional support project. This project was started in response to a baseline survey conducted in 2018 which discovered that most elderly people were experiencing loneliness, isolation, anxiety and depression. The psychosocial support is aimed at increasing the coping skills of the elderly to help them age gracefully amidst the physical, social and psychological challenges the are facing.

Since its inception, BMCTI has been focusing on improving the mental health among the people in western Uganda through training of counselors up to Masters Level as well as educating the public on mental health issues. It has also been advocating for mental health and providing much needed outreach and counseling services to individual, families and communities in the Rwenzori region of Uganda. BMCTI also delivers a range of psycho-social training interventions in communities including: Communication Skills for Teenager Girls, Domestic Violence Training, teenager Mother Training and Sexual Harassment in School Training. Today, it forms part of the Uganda Martyrs University Fort Portal Campus.

For the last four years, Bishop Magambo Counselor Training Institute of Uganda Martyrs University Fort Portal Campus (UMUFPC) has been implementing an outreach psychosocial program for the elderly which has benefited over 300 senior citizens. The project aims at improving health, nutritional, and psychosocial wellbeing of the elderly through psychosocial outreach activities, like monthly day care gatherings where senior citizens come together every month to share their experiences, weekly home visits, individual and group counseling, training of the caregivers and local leaders about the needs and rights of the elderly, and  advocacy campaigns  to strengthen the local community in providing  social services e.g. health, legal, spiritual, human rights etc.


Through the above activities BMCTI has restored dignity and well-being among the marginalized group of the elderly which is evidenced by their success stories and enthusiasm of attending the monthly daycare gatherings. 

A Social hour dance and interactions of the elderly during the celebration of old age in Fort Portal city on 7th December 2023

Self_help Support Projects

  •  Victims Of Rape
  • Victims Of Child Abuse (Physical, Sexual, Emotional)
  • Victims of Torture
  • Those Going Through Grief/Loss
  • Addiction (Sexual, Drug and Alcohol)
  • Wives/Husbands of Alcoholics
  • Widows/Widowers
  • Single Mothers

Consultancy Services

  •  Psychological Consultation
  •  Industry/Organizational Consultation
  • Psychological assessments
  • Mediation and conflict management

Counselling Servises

  •  Individual Counselling
  • Career Guidance
  • Group Counselling
  •  Family Counselling (Families, Couples)
  • Community Counselling (Psychosocial)


Bishop Magambo Counsellor Training Institute is located on Virika hill in Kabarole District
along Kasese-Fort Portal road, about 2kms away from Fort Portal town. It is approximately
500m away from Virika Cathedral. 

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