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About the Faculty Of Engineering

The faculty offers engineering courses with emphasis on practical engineering aspects,
innovations and demand-drives both locally and internationally. Major courses to be offered
include computer, electrical. Mechanical, Civil, Environmental and Geotechnical engineering.

The undergraduate courses (leading to an award of certificates and diplomas) takes not more
than two years, graduate and post graduate course shall take not more than four years. The
faculty is also designed to provide tradesmen (such as carpenters, plumber, metal fabricaters,
etc) to attain higher qualifications. In all courses from under graduate to post graduate,
emphasis is put on research work, research networking with other institutions/community and
transformation of such scientific research findings into engineering reality. The faculty
encourages innovations proposals from both students and the community in such areas that
impact most to the community such as food industry, agriculture, herbal medicine, preservation
of endangered plant species, bio-energy, etc.

The faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Uganda Martyrs University Fort Portal
Campus (UMUFP) through all her academic programs and research innovations emphasize high
ethical standards as it is implanted in the core values of Uganda Martyrs University.


The Multidisciplinary Engineering Program in the faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences UMU FPC will be recognized as the premier provider of innovative multidisciplinary graduate in engineering to move development to greater heights. 







Provide an academic nurturing environment, tailored engineering programs, and unique
interdisciplinary training for various students attracted to study at the interfaces of traditional
disciplines and to prepare graduates to become completive leaders in a rapidly changing
multidisciplinary engineering profession.






Goals and Objectives Overall Objective: To educate engineering leaders who have: command of the engineering fundamentals including experimental, analytical, and computational and design capabilities in a unique interdisciplinary area of engineering; skill in leadership, communication, interpersonal and other professional attributes; and awareness of the scope of the profession and its global opportunities and requirement.